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practice - How much practicing time per week is enough to progress with piano for beginner?
  • Audrius Meškauskas

    My 11 year old child starts learning piano from scratch, taking 30 min weekly lessons with the teacher. How many additional practicing time per week it is reasonable and clever to allocate for the typical, usual progress?

    It is always possible to say "the more the better". However there is also school with other subjects to learn. From the other side, with no or very little time per week may be no sense to take lessons at all.

    How much time (hours per week) would be a usual choice in such situation?

  •  Answers:

  • Stephen Hazel

    How much time should your son spend practicing piano per week?

    That implies he doesn't particularly love piano yet. Or you wouldn't be able to tear him away from it.

    Give him a schedule of 30 mins (broken up into a couple well defined tasks) per weekday starting at the same time every day. Have him show off to you when practice time is -over-. Ask if he wants to practice more than that.

    If he absolutely loves piano, let him spend as much time as he likes.

    Give it about 6 months, and if you still have to make him practice, consider finding a different lifelong skill that he -does- love. Another instrument, computer programming, writing, there are plenty of worthwhile life long skills besides piano that your son might prefer.

    I tried like heck to get my son into piano and computer programming (my loves). No dice. But he's doing ok at drama and has fun with photoshop and videos. That's who he is.